• Scale corrosion inhibitor
    Ultratreat Scale Inhibitor is a concentrated phosphate liquid for maximum deposit control. It is used to remove calcium hardness from feed water and boiler water by precipitation of calcium hydroxyapatite desired sludge and minimizes deposition in the boiler waterside.
  • pH Booster
    Ultratreat pH and alkalinity booster are formulated alkali solution, used to raise the pH and maintain the alkalinity of the feed water and boiler water. Feed water pH adjustment is needed to control pipeline corrosion. Boiler water alkalinity is required to cause precipitation of calcium and magnesium hardness, as calcium hydroxyapatite and serpentine desired sludge and minimizes corrosion in the boiler waterside.
  • Oxygen scavenger
    Ultratreat Oxygen Scavenger is a concentrated solution of hydrazine that contains an organic catalyst to accelerate the reaction rate in removing dissolved oxygen in the feed water, even at low temperature. This product also forms strong passivation film onto the iron and copper metal surfaces in the condensate system and after boiler section rendering them more resistant to corrosion. Another type is a powdered concentrate of the pure grade of sulfite, catalyzed with special catalytic agents to assure maximum rate of chemical reaction. It could be used in the boilers of pressure up to 450 psig. The product reacts with dissolved oxygen in the feedwater almost instantaneously even at low water temperature. Thus, provide greater protection to the boiler and pre-boiler section from oxygen pitting and corrosion potential.
  • Sludge dispersant
    Ultratreat Deposit Inhibitor is a liquid blend of synthetic organic polymer designed for maximum deposit control and metal passivation. When properly applied, the product exhibits superior tendencies for the control of iron oxides and hardness salts. Antifoam is also present to stabilize the boiler water, reducing foaming tendency. At higher dosage, it provides on line scale removal effectively during boiler operation.
  • Steam-condensate line treatment
    Ultratreat Steam and Condensate Line Corrosion Inhibitor are a blend of volatile dual neutralizing amines use to control corrosion in the after boiler section of the steam generating system by neutralizing corrosive carbonic acid formed. These amines have been selected and proportioned to provide protection in both low and medium pressure section of the steam condensate system.
  • Multifunction products
    Ultratreat Multifunction boiler treatment chemical is a liquid product for maximum deposit control and corrosion inhibitor. The formulation also contains a polymer, sludge conditioner, and antifoam. It is used to prevent calcium hardness from feed water and boiler water forms deposition in the boiler waterside.