• Scale corrosion inhibitor
    Ultracool Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor is an organo-phosphonate based product designed for use in the open re-circulating cooling water system. The product is a combination of calcium carbonate inhibitor, dispersant, dual phosphonate, and yellow metal inhibitor to control corrosion of mild steel, copper and admiralty brass. The product minimizes hardness salt formation in alkaline cooling water.
  • Sludge dispersant
    Ultracool bio-dispersant is a synthetic organic penetrant used to remove the biofilm formed on the heat exchange surfaces, bio-film fouling caused by microbiological growths and trapped phosphates, silicates, metallic oxides, silt, and other airborne materials. The bio-dispersant acts to keep the exchanger surfaces clean and maintain a high rate of heat transfer, as well as to enhance corrosion inhibitor film formation.
  • Non-oxidizing biocides
    Ultracide Non-oxidizing biocide is a blend of quaternary ammonium compounds based broad spectrum anti-microbial product designed specifically for control of bacteria, fungi and algae in open recirculating cooling water system, air washer system. This product contains dispersing agents that ensure good distribution throughout the system and efficient penetration of the slime masses.