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PT Inti Chem Selaras Water Treatment provide a complete package water treatment ...

Our Product

PT Inti Chem Selaras supplies chemicals products for pre-treatment as Coagulant ...


Well equiptment laboratory and specialized trained chemist are competen ...


How we works

Together with our principals and suppliers often follow up on the waste water treatment projects long way before the plants are built and “before-sales-service” becomes very important to build up relationships with customers, based on their projected operating conditions, way before anything is even being built.

The well equiptment laboratory and specialized trained chemist are competent in providing timely services to our customers on product sample analysis, deposit analysis, water anaylisis

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  • Office & Warehouse:
    Inti Chem Selaras, PT.
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    Jl. Taman Kopo Katapang G5 No.12, Pangauban, Kec. Katapang, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40921